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Massage South Africa

Massage South AfricaWelcome to Massage South Africa, free classifieds dedicated to the massage lovers. Our goal is to consolidate all massage ads in South Africa so that finding your masseuse or masseure becomes an easy task.  Having had international experience with our similar websites for other cournties, we believe that we will be able to accompish this goal. 

Massage benefits

Massage benefits

Benefits of a massage:

It is well knows that massage therapy can not only relax body, but also speed up recovery period after training or injury. Apart from these,  massage has many other health benefits, such as:

About massage

Massage therapy dates back to thousands years ago. First written references come from Egypt, Japan, ancient China, Rome, Greece and Arabic nations. In Europe, it became popular during the Renaissance.About massage South Africa

Massage is a form of systematic manipulation of soft tissue which has therapeutic effect. Even though different electric massagers exist on the market today, massage done by therapist's hands is the most effective method. Apart from therapeutic effect, massage done by hands has a diagnostic component.