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Foot massage

Foot massage promotes relaxation, and is especially favorized after a long day of standing and walking. Benefits of foot massage include:

Thai massage

Thai massage is an ancient type of massage developed in Thailand about 2,500 years ago, by Buddhist monks. Gentle pressure along body’s energy lines and passive stretching are main techniques of Thai massage. It relieves muscle and joint tensions, increases flexibility and balances body’s energy. As no oil is used during Thai massage, it is usually done with the person receiving massage being fully clothed.

Shiatsu massage

Japanese form of a massage, form of healing touch based on Chinese traditional medicine. Shiatsu massage is done over clothes so neither massage oils nor creams are used. Even though it is calm and relaxing in nature, its dynamic effect stimulates body’s natural energy.

Reflexology South Africa

Reflexology is application of pressure to specific points and areas (reflexology points and areas) on the feet. It is believed that there is a link between reflexology points and organs and systems of the body, and that manipulation of these points has health benefits to the person’s body.

Prenatal massage

Also knows as pregnancy massage, prenatal massage is a type of massage therapy designed with the aim to reduce anxiety of pregnant women, to relieve muscle and joint pain, and decrease symptoms of depression.

Couples massage South Africa

Couples massage is when you and your partner, or your friend, at the same time enjoy massage side-by-side with two therapists each working on one of you.  Some spas may include use of Jacuzzi by you and your partner, before massage, for about 15-20 minutes, after which follows couples massage.

Massage equipment

Starting a massage business does not require a lot of capital, as it is the case with most other businesses. It also gives you the opportunity to work for yourself, and have the freedom to set the work hours that best suite you.  If you cannot operate from you living place, and find it expensive to rent a space for massage business, doing in home massage may be the solution. That would mean that you will be visiting your clients at their place, and doing the massage there.

Natural stress relief

Living without stress is almost impossible today. Many people seek help with prescription drugs, but there are natural alternatives.

Stress causes depression, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and anxiety. Natural remedies may be of great help in fighting these. Medication usually only provide temporary effects, but there are many side effects linked to their use.