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Erotic massage

Massage techniques applied on erogenous zones in order to enhance sexual arousal, but can also lead to achieving orgasm. Use of massage for erotic purposes has been practiced for ages. Erotic massage may be done as foreplay, but could also be a part of sex therapy.

Erotic massage may be carried out between intimacy partners, but could also be provided commercially as a form of sexual service. Term “happy ending” is often used to describe this form of sexual service, but it is typically in the form of a handjob. In some countries, this form of massage service is treated as prostitution, even though it has nothing to do with selling one’s body to another for sexual purpose.

Used as a sex therapy, erotic massage stimulates libido and increases one’s ability to respond to sexual stimuli.

Benefits of erotic massage are:

  • Erotic massage awakens senses
  • Erotic massage awakens full-body orgasm
  • Erotic massage creates connection between giver and receiver
  • Erotic massage enhances intimacy
  • Erotic massage can free you from inhibitions
  • Erotic massage can improve erection
  • Erotic massage can enhance relationship between partners
  • Erotic massage can prevent stress and anxiety