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Lomi Lomi massage

Unique healing massage from Hawaii based on Hawaiian philosophy called Huna. According to Huna, everything seeks love and harmony. Meaning of “Lomi Lomi” is “Loving hands”.

Lomi Lomi massage works deeply, but gently, into the muscles with continuous and flowing strokes, ensuring total relaxation of the person being massaged.

Lomi Lomi massage is based on the belief that memory is stored not in our brain but in every cell of our body. Loving touch of Lomi Lomi massage assist in letting go of limiting beliefs  and negative behavior. As negative beliefs and ideas can block energy flow, just as muscle tension can, Lomi Lomi massage helps release those blockages. Apart from being physical experience, Lomi Lomi massage also has spiritual, emotional and mental effect.

Lack of harmony leads to physical, mental, spiritual or emotional pain. Illness being state of tension blocks energy flow. As Lomi Lomi releases this blockage, it facilitates healing. Lomi Lomi helps in flushing toxins from the body as it improves blood and lymph flow.

Massage is carried out in rhythmic motion by therapist’s hands and forearms. It is a wave like feeling that a person receiving massage experiences. Two different parts of the body can be treated at the same time, such as back and legs, which lead to deeper relaxation as the person being massaged cannot focus on two different parts being treated. Gentle stretches of the body are also incorporated into the massage.