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Massage equipment

Starting a massage business does not require a lot of capital, as it is the case with most other businesses. It also gives you the opportunity to work for yourself, and have the freedom to set the work hours that best suite you.  If you cannot operate from you living place, and find it expensive to rent a space for massage business, doing in home massage may be the solution. That would mean that you will be visiting your clients at their place, and doing the massage there.

Massage equipment you need for starting massage business includes:

  • Massage table and/ or massage chair: portable massage table is the best solutions, whether you work from your place, or go to a client’s home. Arms and feet rest, neck bolster and head rest are accessories that you should consider getting as well. Buying a case for massage table will not only protect it, but also make it easier to carry around,
  • Towels,
  • Massage oils and creams: good supply of massage oils and creams is of utmost importance.,
  • Stones and a device for heating them, in case you provide hot stone massage,
  • Candles,
  • Relaxing music and something to play it on.